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Beer Me!
Wood River Valley's only beer home delivery service!

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Home Delivery on Thursdays in the Wood River Valley


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  3. Sit at home
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How does Beer Me! work?

You create a subscription plan and select your beers online through our subscription partner, Recurly.  We will then deliver the beer to your home address between 4-8pm on Thursday regardless of what day of the week you create your subscription.  Our GetSwift delivery drivers will then provide contactless beer delivery.  They will need to check your ID for delivery.

Subscriptions placed after Noon on Thursday will be delivered the following week.

Do I need to buy a subscription to get beer delivered?

Currently, yes.

We hope that soon you will also be able to order beer for same day delivery through our two restaurants, however there will be a minimum $4 delivery fee.

Can I cancel or change my subscription?

You may change or cancel your subscription at anytime.  Simply follow the links provided in the emails through Recurly, our subscription partner.  You will receive an automated email confirming your next delivery 2 days prior to each payment.

Can you ship beer outside of the Wood River Valley?

No, it is not legal for us to ship beer.
Please find us at your favorite beer outlets across Idaho, Montana, and Utah!

What is your delivery area?

North on Highway 75 to the SNRA.
West on Warm Springs Road to the end of the pavement.
All of Ketchum, Sun Valley, and Elkhorn.
East Fork Road & Greenhorn Road to the end of the pavement.
All of Hailey and Bellevue.
South of Bellevue to Griffin Ranch on Gannet Road and Glendale Road on Highway 75.

Is there a fee for delivery?

There is no fee for delivery.

Do I need to be home or can you leave it on my porch?

By state law, you must be over 21, be home, and present your ID to receive your beer.  We are unable to make exceptions to this.

Can I tip the delivery driver?

No.  By state law, no cash may be exchanged at the time of delivery, including tips.

What if I am not home when you try to deliver?

You will receive a text message from the driver when they are on our way.  If you are not home, the driver will call and find a time on Thursday evening to deliver your beer.

If you are not able to receive your beer, we will have it for you at the Brewery & Tap Room in Hailey and will reach out to you.  We may refund your transaction but not cancel your subscription.