Mustache Ride Black Rye IPA


You do. Bike or ski, board or kayak, ride on!  Ride proud, and enjoy it!  The beer pours black with an off-white head.  A little bit of a stout like character quickly dissipates leaving a smooth bitterness back by an aromatic finish.
Hoppy, dark, spicy, and floral, rye not?

Malts: Idaho Malted 2-Row Barley, Canadian Rye Malt, Dextrapils, Caramel Malt, Red Wheat Malt
Hops: CTZ Hop Oil, Columbus, Mt. Hood, Citra
Dry Hop: Ekuanot, Citra
Yeast: House Ale

ABV: 6.2%
IBU: 82

Availability: Movember – January
Package: 1/6 bbl, 1/2 bbl, 6-pack cans