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Your own numbered mug entitles you to:

  • 25 oz. mug fills at pint prices all the time!
  • Three Free Fills!
    • First mug fill free at sign-up each year
    • Free mug on your birthday
    • Free mug at the anniversary party
  • You choose where you would like your membership, the Hailey Tap Room or Ketchum Public House, and then borrow a mug when visiting the other location!
  • If you would like to choose your mug number, please visit your chosen location. Otherwise, a number will be assigned to you at random.  Renewals will keep the same number as before!
  • Mug Club Mondays!
    • 50% off all drinks every Monday
    • 25% off food, beer to go, and merchandise every Monday


Mug Club Rules:

  • No mug sharing or renting.
  • No jerks.
  • The mug stays at the brewery.
  • No family memberships.
  • The mug belongs to the brewery, it stays here if your membership expires.

Mug club memberships valid for one year. 


Memberships are $55 per year, with a $10 sign up fee for new memberships.

Mug Club Membership

Price Options
One-time purchase
Mug Club Renewal
$65.00every year until canceled
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